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Service Crimpers

Hose presses for the workshop – compact, mobile and powerful

Do workshops and mobile service teams have to do without the performance and reliability of stationary, large presses?

Definitely “no,” says UNIFLEX, and with its compact, universally applicable workshop presses, it is proving that the legendary plain bearing technology can also show its advantages in lightweight, cost-effective equipment that fits in almost every vehicle and every workshop.

The particularly economical Ecoline models also enable fast repairs – without compromising on performance, robustness and reliability. The plain bearing technology prevents press force losses due to friction and eliminates the need for tiresome greasing. This makes work cleaner and the machines virtually maintenance-free – apart from the occasional replacement of the bearing plates.

Universality, effective and energy-saving drives, and easy and safe operation stand for particular economy and a fast return on investment – as does the extremely long service life. Many presses from the early years of UNIFLEX have been working as accurately as ever for almost 40 years.