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In addition to the classic maintenance and repair on site or via remote maintenance,
we offer many services that you can access here via a contact person.

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    Your PLUS of services.

    Services “On Top” so that you can constantly work economically.

    General overhaul +

    According to our ideas, a general overhaul must bring you a PLUS of benefit.

    According to our recommendation, a general overhaul should be carried out from the 6th year, since according to the DGUV 113-020 standard the hoses must/should be replaced.

    • Since most of the hoses are installed in the tank, UNIFLEX also carries out tank cleaning at the same time.
    • In addition to normal maintenance, the oil is left out of the tank.
    • The tank is cleaned.
    • The hose lines are changed.
    • The valves are flushed and
    • The seals and filters are renewed.

    This is what UNIFLEX understands
    by a general overhaul +

    Maintenance contracts +

    You have a PLUS of advantages because the maintenance contract includes inspection and maintenance. Regardless of the machine, it is inspected according to our checklist and the wear parts are replaced. Should safety-relevant components prove to be defective during maintenance, these parts will be replaced after consultation.
    To ensure that you do not miss your maintenance appointments, UNIFLEX Service will contact you approx. 6-8 weeks before the maintenance appointment.


    • Reduction of unnecessary and expensive machine downtime
    • Use of original spare parts
    • Warranty of the spare parts and the work performed
    • Consultation and short training on site
    • Plannable costs due to flat-rate maintenance costs
    • Implementation by qualified personnel

    All around care

    …with the UNIFLEX service


    UNIFLEX-Hydraulik GmbH

    Robert-Bosch-Strasse 50 – 52
    61184 Karben

    Phone:  +49 (0)6039 9171-0
    Fax: +49 (0)6039 9171-181


    Your service contact

    Head of Service

    Michael Eyyi

    Phone: +49 6039 9171 450
    Languages: German, English

    Service Germany

    Susanne Vieth

    Phone: +49 (0) 6039 / 9171 130
    Languages: German

    Service EMEA

    Aleksei Lavruschko

    Phone: +49 (0) 6039 9171 144
    Mobil: +49 (0) 174 6961683
    Languages: German, English, Russian

    Service Latein America

    Alexander Pena Rojas

    Phone: +598 2 228 0026 | +598 92 506 262
    Languages: English, Spanish

    Service Asia

    Chuan Low

    Phone: +65 68966795 | +65 9233 8641
    Languages: English, Chinese

    Vikash Kumar

    Phone: +91-8028367634 | +91 9911635560
    Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

    Zhenghua Gao

    Phone: +86 21 50327022 | +86 13501870525
    Languages: Chinese

    Service USA

    Craig Honda

    Phone: +1 847 519 1100 | +1 847 525 2073
    Languages: English

    Thomas Atkins

    Phone: +1 847 519 1100 | +1 708 262 2508
    Languages: English