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The manufacture for special applications

At UNIFLEX there are no assembly lines and no large-scale production.
The hose presses and all other equipment and machines are manufactured in the classic manufactory process by hand and in most cases made to order.
Each press is therefore a carefully assembled individual item “Made in Germany” by well-trained specialists.

EXAMPLE: Automotive

Presses for automotive hoses

This hydraulic press with patented C-press tool simplifies the radial feeding of complicated hose lines. Particularly well suited for hoses in the automotive sector.

HM 245 C.2

Baking close up

Dies close up with tube bending

Control C.2



750 / 75

Pressing force (kN / clay)


Pressing range (mm)


First Class Advantages:

CE conformity
2 years warranty

HM 245 Close-up

HM 245 Close-up with pipe bending (up to 90°)

Press dies

HM 245 Workspace


Innovative design due to C-press tools
  • Narrow mold design for easy pressing even of 90° fittings
  • Radial feeding of the workpieces
High-level components and system solutions
  • High quality pumps – for the reduction of the noise level
Plain bearing technology
  • Maximum productivity and low maintenance costs
  • Reduces press force loss by up to 20
  • Lubricant-free – for more cleanliness and a longer service life of the machine
  • No adhesion of dirt particles to the workpiece
Control-C User interface
  • Touch control surface
  • Programmable progressive press mass and compressive pressures
  • Large article storage for production management
  • HID-compliant
CE conformity

CE conformity


And everything that goes with it

HM 245 Package

A package includes the selected machine incl. accessories.

HM 245 Package = Machine + PB Ø 17, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 44, 50

Control C.2


The following products are supplied with the purchase of the product and are included in the price.


OPTION: Options are only available ex works – machines cannot be retrofitted with them.

Light on the back of the machine.

Sliding table

OPTION: Options are only available ex works – machines cannot be retrofitted with them.