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Production Crimpers

Innovative, productive and durable

With many capital goods, the emphasis is on “investment” – with UNIFLEX production presses, the focus is on “quality”.

Due to their unique design, their high user-friendliness, versatility and service life, UNIFLEX presses set the standards for quality and economy worldwide. Thanks to the revolutionary slide bearing technology, there are no friction losses. The presses work faster, with maximum efficiency, cleaner and almost maintenance-free. Further advantages are the characteristic, fixed 6 o’clock jaws for safe and effortless setting down of the dies with quickly exchangeable tools. Right from the start, attention was paid to the largest possible tool openings and deformation paths. Savings through short set-up times and energy-saving drives are particularly effective in large-scale production.

All UNIFLEX production presses have the latest UNIMATIControl C.2 Touch control for user-friendly, easy and safe handling. The already numerous functions in the basic version can be expanded with article memory, PFM (print monitoring, traceability), PFC (pressure-controlled pressing) or UTS (process documentation).