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The development
UNIFLEX has a long and successful history

UNIFLEX – 50 years the system provider in hose line manufacturing – from workshop equipment to production lines. Equally innovative as reliable and durable hose presses, cut-off machines, perforators, skiving machines, marking equipment, testing systems, software and cleaning equipment were and are developed in close cooperation with leading hose line assemblers and users all over the world and distributed worldwide.

Company formation
Goals and
We are only satisfied when our customers’ customers are satisfied.

This philosophy obligates us to meet the highest customer demands in terms of quality and service, to further improve our internal processes and to make them more transparent for everyone.

With the DIN ISO 9001 certification we received in June 2008, we commit ourselves to take all measures not only to maintain the high standard of UNIFLEX, but also to continuously improve it.

We have set ourselves
high goals in:


UNIFLEX hose presses are modular in design. This means that a wide range of variants can be manufactured at any time to meet almost any requirements and application needs. Market observations and customer demand analyses determine the development of new modules and models.


UNIFLEX hose presses are designed to provide years of service. Precision and quality of all UNIFLEX products set the standards – internationally. Customer feedback is documented in order to derive and implement optimization possibilities for operation and availability.


In constant dialog with customers, UNIFLEX consistently develops existing products further – from practice for practice. The needs of the market, innovative technical possibilities and extensive, in-house basic research are incorporated into ever new, groundbreaking developments in the field of hose processing.

User orientation

Constant customer contact offers the opportunity to implement practical experience in terms of handling and operability, safety and ergonomics in further series development.


Over 50 years of experience and competence are redefined at UNIFLEX every day and passed on to the customers. The UNIFLEX team stands for personal product advice and customer support and provides qualified services such as training, logistics, test and demonstration demonstrations. This allows you, the customer, to concentrate on your core business – the production of hose assemblies with the best machines available on the market.


The slide bearing technology from UNIFLEX makes the presses somewhat more expensive than (actually not) comparable presses with complex oil lubrication, but much more sustainable because they have a longer service life and are more cost-effective in terms of energy consumption and maintenance – and with a better CO2 balance. 

The slide bearing technology reduces the press force loss by up to 20% due to less friction between the moving parts of the machine. This results in up to 20% lower energy consumption. Other advantages include greater cleanliness at work for people, the workpiece, and the machine. 

To protect our environment

Durable equipment contributes to CO2 reduction.

For UNIFLEX, environmental protection has always been part of the corporate concept.
Our presses make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Our visions

UNIFLEX’s successful path is based, on the one hand, on intensive contact with customers and, on the other, on its independence from individual hose and fitting manufacturers. UNIFLEX works closely with competent sales and service partners around the globe. These trusting and, for the most part, long-standing cooperations result in joint, regionally specified sales strategies, in participation in important trade fairs, and in rapid processing of technical questions as well as fast delivery.

Press everything

Our machines press everything that is rotationally symmetrical and we offer tools that are required around the press connection.

Return on Invest

“Best Return on Investment”: This promise applies worldwide – to customers, suppliers, employees, company owners.


We manufacture innovative products for our customers so that they can delight their customers.


Our know-how is in development as well as in manufacturing, sales and service for all our products.


We are constantly striving to expand our product portfolio and be the best at what we do.

A high performance culture…

… needs good employees

UNIFLEX is characterized and successful by the people behind the company!

It is the holistic components, such as confidence in one’s own abilities, the idea and the implementation with a team of highly qualified employees, who work, develop and produce according to clear quality criteria.