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UNIFLEX-Hydraulik GmbH – your premium partner for
hydraulic hose processing

We deliver innovations
to make your workflows
smarter and faster.

UNIFLEX-Hydraulik GmbH – your premium partner for
hydraulic hose processing

We deliver innovations
to make your workflows
smarter and faster.

Innovative systems for…

Production & processing
of hose assemblies

With the most modern and robust technology, UNIFLEX meets the highest requirements of its customers in the field of hydraulic presses and peripheral equipment for industrial and service companies – as a manufacturer and as a worldwide supplier.

Digital & Innovativ

Networking of man and machine

The whole world is talking about digital transformation, UNIFLEX is acting – and has already been acting for a long time in order to be able to offer its demanding customers innovative, computer-controlled equipment.


How to save with UNIFLEX
> 70% CO2?

By reducing weight and extending service life with good engineering. A strong and durable design is the best for our future!


The machine-

At UNIFLEX there are no assembly lines and no large-scale production.
The hose presses and all other equipment and machines are manufactured in the classic manufactory process by hand and in most cases made to order.


Innovation and highest quality

Building on its innovative edge through the development of slide bearing technology, UNIFLEX is constantly working on the practical enhancement and new development of sustainable and ergonomic machines for hose production and repair.


We press worldwide.
Digital · 4.0 · Sustainable


See for yourself:

Product selection

Our product portfolio includes workshop and production presses, cut-off machines, skiving machines, perforators, and cleaning equipment.
In addition, we offer pusher equipment, test stands as well as marking and bending equipment.
The spectrum is completed by special applications, accessories as well as gifts and clothing items.

Do you need individual advice?

UNIFLEX can be reached at any time, anywhere through its subsidiaries worldwide.

UNIFLEX Karben, Germany
Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straße 50-52
61184 Karben
+49 60 399 171-0
+49 60 399 171-181
UNIFLEX Latin America SRL, Uruguay
Saint Bois 5074
12000 Montevideo
+598 2 228 0026
+598 2 220 1271
UNIFLEX Shanghai, China
Uniflex-Hydraulik Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
South 2 Warehouse, No. 500 Jianyun Road,
201318 Shanghai
+86 2150 3270-22
+86 2150 3270-21
UNIFLEX Tokio, Japan


1-20-3 Nishi-Shinjuku
160-0023 Tokyo
+81 3 6890 3386

UNIFLEX Singapore, Asia
UNIFLEX Hydraulik Asia Holding Pte. Ltd.
No 51 Bukit Batok Cres. #07-25
658077 Singapore
+65 68 966-795
+65 68 966-428
UNIFLEX of America LLC
1088 National Parkway
60173 Schaumburg
+1 847 519 11-00
+1 847 519 11-04
UNIFLEX Tangeran, Indonesia
UNIFLEX-Hydraulik Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Kompl. Villa Melati Mas, Jl. Seruni III
15323 Tangeran
+62 219 3675 888
+62 215 3741 43
UNIFLEX Gurgaon, India

Uniflex Hose Assembly Machines India Pvt. Ltd. 

Plot No. 588/627,Rect.No. 33, Kila No. 19
122001 Gurgaon
+91 91 7982219100
+91 88 00022825
+91 91 7982219100