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Your premium partner for hydraulic hose processing

As a global technology company, we are a developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative industrial machines for the production of hose assemblies.

Our machines are manufactured in series with strong specialization in individual customer solutions.
Our worldwide networking of developers, sales and customers makes us an innovation manufactory of today.

Capture customer requirements directly

Because we understand and value each customer’s needs, we have been improving quality and service for many years to ensure stable customer satisfaction.

At UNIFLEX, optimization for customer benefit means quality improvement and cost optimization – because we work productively and leanly.

From the initial idea developed with the customer to its implementation, we use agile processes to ensure that our customers are positioned for stable success in the
international competition.

Solving problems,
means creating something new

We are dedicated to changing well-worn tracks with groundbreaking ideas. Because we have our finger on the pulse of our customers’ new tasks, we are committed to modern development and to bringing innovations to market maturity. The customer feels this in the quality of the solution and a lean investment.

The technological core …

…to which so many things can “dock”.
Hose presses are versatile and complex and created for a wide variety of task contexts.
The innovative basis is the slide bearing technology.

Developed 50 years ago, UNIFLEX is still constantly working on the practical further and new development of sustainable and ergonomic machines for hose production and repair.

With common sense.
Think & Act.

At UNIFLEX there are no assembly lines and no large-scale production. The hose presses and all other equipment and machines are manufactured in the classic manufactory process by hand and in most cases made to order. Each press is therefore a carefully assembled individual item “Made in Germany” by well-trained specialists.
Special designs and customized variants are therefore also feasible at any time.

Innovation and state-of-the-art quality

UNIFLEX hose presses are modular in design. This means that a wide variety of variants can be manufactured at any time to meet almost any requirements and application needs. Market observations and customer demand analyses determine the development of new modules and models.
From the beginning and also in the future, UNIFLEX offers a full two-year function and material warranty on all devices.

Relax with success,
but do not rest

Over 50 years we have met all technological challenges and delivered solutions.

The technological challenges of our time is the interface “man and machine” with the latest technologies user-friendly supports the people.

Not the unreflective feasible is important to us, but the perfectly adapted and efficient development to the “Best Return on Invest”.