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First Class Advantages


Plain bearing plates on the press tool: higher performance due to less friction, no wear on the press tool and no contamination by lubricants, 20% less friction loss

Cutting motors

Higher forces can be transmitted due to a larger drive shaft

Brake motors

Operator protection: According to CE, the downtime of the cut-off knife is less than 10 seconds

6 o’clock dies

Safe placement of the fittings on the fixed 6 o’clock dies


Usable for all types of hose assemblies and fittings


Entry-level models with fewer options in the same quality


Free access for fast placement


Less energy with the same performance


Very quiet due to new hydraulic system

Tested cutting blades

Cutting blades made of carefully tested material

Integr. tank with filter

Any escaping liquid can flow back immediately without loss

Internal / external skiving

Internal and external skiving simultaneously in one operation

Inner skiving

Double inner paring knives

Outside paring knife

Double outer paring knives

CE compliant

CE compliant

2 years warranty

2 years warranty on all products