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In the context of series production, PFM offers the possibility of achieving a considerable improvement in quality with comparatively little effort and at low cost. After each pressing with the PFM option, the final pressure reached is displayed. This can be used to obtain initial values for the upper and lower pressure limits. During pressing, the measured pressure value is permanently compared with an upper pressure limit value. If this is above the range specified by the operator (typically +/- 10%), an error message is triggered. At the end of the pressing process, it is also checked whether the specified minimum pressure has been reached.

In the event of an error, the operator has the possibility to examine the workpiece again in detail and to eliminate possible sources of error. As part of a detailed investigation, process reliability was increased from 97.8% to 99.7%.

In other words, it was possible to detect about 2% of the manufactured parts that did not meet the series specification without shipping them to customers.

First Class Advantages


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