EM 115 with hose
EM 115 with hose
Hose cutting machine

EM 115

Fast and effective work with the EM 115 hose cutting machine. Completely equipped with cut counter, adjustable return travel limitation and feed speed, it is optimally suited for high volume production. (2″ production, 3″ workshop hoses).

Cutting hydraulic hoses is now more precise and easier than ever before with UNIFLEX cut-off knives.



Longer service life due to higher quality

  • Unique drive motors
  • Double bearing
  • Massive design for vibration damping
  • Less waste, more cuts
  • Less pollution
  • Faster and straighter cutting

Quality steel knife

  • German development of durable steel blades to reduce operating costs

CE compliant

  • Engine brake
  • Knife guard


First Class Advantages


The following products are supplied with the purchase of the product and are included in the price.


Extend this machine at all times with the following accessories:


Lateral guide rollers for easy clamping and fixing of the hose, for better cutting quality.
Bending pin for straight cuts and to relieve the cutting blade.
Interchangeable cutting fork in two sizes.
Cutting fork for optimal centering of hoses.


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