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Super strong: S 6 workshop presses from UNIFLEX

S 6 S + S 6 S Ecoline

Strong members in the family of world-renowned lubrication-free S 6 hydraulic presses from UNIFLEX:

In addition to the S 6 and the S 6 Ecoline with 200 tons of pressing force, there are the equally compact S 6 S versions with 280 tons of pressing force, with which you can even press 2-piece valves up to 2″ SAE R 15 (depending on the valve). The basic Ecoline models can be mounted on a TU table (also available from UNIFLEX). Two-piece fittings with 1½ or 2″ diameters can be pressed and, thanks to 110 mm long dies, even 90° fittings with “long drop”. Not to forget the legendary slide bearing technology and the full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.