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UNIFLEX: 50 years on the road to the future

UNIFLEX Hydraulik GmbH, headquartered in Karben near Frankfurt, has been developing, producing and selling innovative systems for the manufacture and processing of hose assemblies for 50 years. The company, with its branches and subsidiaries in America and Asia, supplies the entire world market. Over 85% of UNIFLEX products are exported, including to market leaders such as Caterpillar, Gates and Parker. 

UNIFLEX provides a two-year warranty on all machines. 

UNIFLEX hydraulic presses are characterized by the unique plain bearing technology: In contrast to lubricated presses, UNIFLEX presses operate almost without friction losses. This reduces maintenance to a minimum, because “pressing without lubrication” is cleaner and less labor-intensive. In addition, UNIFLEX presses are known for the best possible work results, reliable return on investment, and maximum ergonomics. A comprehensive range of accessories makes working with different equipment even easier. 

Company building in Karben, Germany

The best Return on Investment 

Economic efficiency, sustainability and climate protection thought of differently: 

Logical: If you want to work economically and save money, you look at the money. But if you want to save smarter, you look not only at the purchase price, but also at the operating costs and the service life of capital goods. 

The UNIFLEX success story began 50 years ago with the invention of plain bearing technology – and now another chapter is being opened. The next 50 years of UNIFLEX. Although the plain bearing technology makes the presses somewhat more expensive than (actually not) comparable presses with complex oil lubrication, it makes them much more sustainable because they have a longer service life and are less expensive in terms of energy consumption and maintenance – and with a better CO2 balance. 

The plain bearing technology reduces the press force loss by up to 20% due to less friction between the moving parts of the machine. This results in up to 20% lower energy consumption. Other advantages include greater cleanliness at work for people, the workpiece, and the machine. 

Sustainability pays off 

Hydraulic presses with slide bearing technology from UNIFLEX offer an unbeatable return on investment – compared to lubricated presses and also for other investments. 

The replacement of plain bearings, oil, springs, and an overhaul every 2 years costs about €14,000 for a life cycle of 23 years on average. Added to a machine price of €20,000, this results in a total cost of €34,000 for 16,000,000 press operations. 

In addition, the plain bearing technology takes just 2 minutes of service per week to vacuum out the deposits. Lubricated machines require around 7 minutes to apply the lubricant in addition to cleaning. 

This reduces the costs per pressing operation to an incredible € 0.0021! 

This is also what climate protection looks like: Machine still in use after more than 25 years and 16,000,000 pressing operations.

How to save > 70% CO2 with UNIFLEX ?

By reducing weight and extending service life.

Good engineering with an energy consumption of 4 kW (competition: > 5.5 kW) and a strong, durable construction are the BEST for our future!

A machine lifetime of 30 years instead of 2 machines 15 years each.

 * 1 ton of raw steel corresponds to 1.7 tons of CO2


The networking of man and machine

The whole world is talking about digital transformation, UNIFLEX is acting – and has been for a long time. In order to be able to offer its demanding customers innovative, computer-controlled equipment, UNIFLEX has developed the UNIFLEX Wireless Management System (UWMS) after the Control C.2 control system, which has now been tried and tested for many years.

With this complex software, article data can be stored on a server and all additions can always be updated. Users can then download an app to their smartphone or tablet via the Internet and then send the press job directly to the tube press via Bluetooth.


  • Current press data keeps customers and users up to date at all times.
  • All data of installed hydraulic presses can be retrieved at any time (number of pressings, details about what was pressed plus the data recorded during the pressing process).
  • Entering serial numbers makes it possible to create stable systems for tracing and reordering.
  • Data analysis and reporting such as market valuations can also be easily created.

The machine manufactory

At UNIFLEX there are no assembly lines and no large-scale production. The hose presses and all other devices and machines are manufactured in the classic manufactory process, by hand and for the most part only on order. Each press is therefore a carefully assembled individual item “Made in Germany” by well-trained specialists.

Special designs and customized variants are therefore also feasible at any time. 

Innovation and state-of-the-art quality 

Building on the innovative edge gained through the development of plain bearing technology 50 years ago, UNIFLEX is still constantly working on the practical further and new development of sustainable and ergonomic machines for hose production and repair.

Two years manufacturer warranty

From the beginning and also in the future, UNIFLEX offers a full two-year function and material warranty on all devices. 

1972-2022: 50 years of innovation & sustainability in hose processing

UNIFLEX-Hydraulik GmbH was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1972. Thanks to groundbreaking innovations and exceptional product quality, the flourishing company quickly developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines for manufacturing hose assemblies.

Today, after 50 years, UNIFLEX is the system provider when it comes to hose line manufacturing – from workshop equipment to production lines. Equally innovative as reliable and durable hose presses, cut-off machines, perforators, peeling machines, embossing equipment, testing systems, software and cleaning equipment were and are developed in close cooperation with leading hose line assemblers and users all over the world and distributed worldwide.

50 years on the road to the future