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IPC control with PFM function

How UNIFLEX’s PFM improves customer satisfaction

Ensure the quality of your components during production – without the need for subsequent checks. How does it work? Via the PFM (Pressure Force Monitoring) function of the IPC controller from UNIFLEX.

The PFM function monitors every millisecond of the ongoing pressing process and immediately detects tolerance violations. You can easily set the tolerance values after a few test pressings. 

Wrong pressing jaws used? One side of the workpiece pressed twice, but not at all on the other side? A non-conforming workpiece used because, for example, ferrules or hoses were selected incorrectly or a ferrule was not heat-treated? Thanks to PFM, such time-consuming and material-consuming problems are displayed right at the beginning of the pressing process, and the process is stopped immediately.

With this monitoring system developed by UNIFLEX, you avoid complaints and the unnecessary further processing of defective components. In short: You gain process reliability by detecting faulty workpieces at the beginning of the value chain. Good to know: The PFM function comes standard on every UNIFLEX IPC controller. That means you get integrated quality control without any additional effort.