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HMC 5-200

HMC 5-200 the open radial crimper for all requirements

Whether a large flange, ring, a rope loop or a long rope is to be pressed, the UNIFLEX HMC 5-200 crimper makes this possible ergonomically and efficiently with a pressing force of up to 200 tons. Crimping can save processing steps, like welding, swaging,… .

With this C-press (opened at the front), the workpiece can be inserted at any point to be machined and removed again immediately from the side after the process. e.g., a 16-mm steel cable with aluminum sleeve or the 5″ industrial hose with ANSI flange. The machine is available as standard with the modern 12″ touch-screen IPC control from Siemens.

This allows the process to be monitored and the machine to be integrated into the network (IoT).

You want to see that? Watch our video.