PR 12

  • PR 12
Crimp force (kN/Ton): Ø 8-55  mm

The stationary pin prick tool PR 12 from UNIFLEX has been specifically developed for the compulsory pricking of the outer layer of hoses for compressed air, nitrogen and other gases.

This precision tool is made in the usual UNIFLEX quality and extremely sturdy and strong, so that hoses with diameters from 8 to 55 mm can be pricked, while our portable PR 10 pin prick tool caters only for diameters from 8 to 45 mm.

Both devices can be operated with minimal force, bear the CE mark and come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. If you have one of our hydraulic crimpers, you can of course still use the PR PB accessory, with crimping jaws and integrated prick rollers for hoses of up to 120 mm in diameter.

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  • PR 10 & PR 12 & PR PB
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Маркировка CE

Маркировка CE

2 года гарантии на все виды продукции

2 года гарантии

Technical Data

Technical Data

Crimp force (kN/Ton)
L x W x H Machine (mm
PR 12
Ø 8-55 mm
270 x 200 x 400
22 Kg

We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice.