Embossing machine UP 15

  • UP 15
Crimp force (kN/Ton): Ø 11,5 - 90 mm

This embossing device in compact table-top design is convincing thanks to easiest handling.

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  • UP 15
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Маркировка CE

Маркировка CE

2 года гарантии на все виды продукции

2 года гарантии

Technical Data

Technical Data

Crimp force (kN/Ton)
Max. Crimp range
L x W x H Machine (mm
UP 15
Ø 11,5 - 90 mm
0,5 mm
30 Pieces
272 x 200 x 750
35 Kg

Marking depth depends on the adjustment of the marking roll

Packages and Accessories

Packages:A Package includes the machine with fitting accessories.

UP 15 Package =  UP 15 + UPTS 100

We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice.