Test benchP 200

  • P 200
Test pressure: 150 - 1300 bar

Der The P 200 test bench with digital Control B+ Touch control and tight clamping system makes testing not only easier and quicker but also extremely flexible. Enter all test parameters at the user-friendly menu control and save them, if required with the relevant product number.

The test parameters for a product can then be reloaded at the push of a button, reducing tooling time while ensure reproducibility.

The patented tight clamping system does away with screws and threaded adapters. Pressure testing reveals any defects in the material or assembly at the earliest possible time.

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Quality and safety

  • Fully enclosed test chamber
  • Also suitable for the static pressure testing of various hydraulic components such as valves, hydraulic cylinders, housings, quick-release couplings, etc.
  • Safety valve - when the hood is opened, all pressure is automatically released within 1/10 second
  • Hood with gas springs and transparent Makrolon® safety pane
  • Environmentally friendly test medium (water-oil emulsion)
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Compressed air filter with condenser

Innovative technology for fast processing

  • Parts to be tested (hose lines) can be inserted quickly by means of our Steck-O system and without any time-consuming preparation or modifications to the tank
  • Fast filling and automatic pressure release of tested parts

CE compliant

  • Hood with gas springs and transparent Makrolon® safety pane
  • UPP UNIFLEX Pressure Sensor Programme
First Class Advantages:
In case of leackage the testing fluid will flow back into the tank without any loss.

Integrated tank with filter

For all types of hoses and fittings


CE Conform

CE Conform

2-year warranty on each product

2-year warranty

Technical Data

Technical Data

Test pressure
Tank dimension (mm)
Test bench dimension (mm)
Reservoir capacity
Alternative drive
Noise level (dBA)
Weight tank dimension
P 200
150 - 1300 bar
Control B + Touch
Druckübersetzer / Intensifier
5 l/min.
7 bar, 20 Nl / min.
1590 x 795 x 370
2210 x 950 x 1325
100.00 l
0,38 kW
RAL 5012, RAL 7021
210 Kg empty

Packages and Accessories

Packages:A Package includes the machine with fitting accessories.

P 200 Package = Machine + BDSP, HS 400, EM 10 l + DS + DSP

We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice.