• PFM

PFM gives you the option to achieve a substantial quality improvement - for a comparatively small investment of time and money.
And here is how it works:
After each crimp process with the PFM-Option the reached crimp value is shown. Out of these measures the start values for the upper- or lower pressure limit can be determined. During each crimp process the per- manently measured crimp value is compared to the entered limits. If this exceeds the set limits, an error message is shown. In the end of the crimp process it is tested once more if the minimal pressure has been reached. In the case of an error the operator has the option to check the work piece thoroughly and to correct any sources of the error. 
During a detailed examination with the PFM-option the quality of a production process was increased from 97.8% to 99.7%. 2% of all produced parts had defects and with the UNIFLEX PFM option it was prevented that these defective parts were delivered to customers.

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