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Control C.2

The new CONTROL C control system with intuitive user guidance for UNIFLEX products has a color user interface with touch function.

New and considerably easier to work with are an extended number of standardized menus (quick menus) as well as the possibility to individualize menus and functionalities from all applications. In addition, the optional protective glass provides extended protection and increased control life.

Another new feature is the central control option via HID, i.e. by means of Windows terminals.

In addition, the PFM option allows quality assurance to be documented and product and machine data to be tracked.

Production management for serial production, production according to own standards

  • Endless article memory
  • Data set filtering for faster production
  • Data record reading via scanner possible
  • Linking the scanner menu to your production data set
  • Intuitive operation

Service via network

  • Easy organization of changes, maintenance and management of production records
  • Central order management from the desk saves time and costs

Data upload and download

  • Easy data upload/download using HID compliant devices
  • Data transfer via a variety of options such as external database, scanner, USB stick, caliper or even remote maintenance via Internet


First Class Advantages


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